Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New York I come! Well, soon anyways.

Well, I finally graduated from college, quit my part-time job and canceled my lease. New York City: here I come. There is just one teensy problem:
New York City does not know that I am coming.

I have been applying to several internships and entry-level positions in New York. No, I am not delusional. I know there are millions of recent college grads wanting to make it big in the Big Apple. And most of them have better grades, more impressive extracurricular activities and hobbies, and dozens of newspaper and TV clips that won some "aspiring journalist award."

Let's do the math: 1.000.000 college grads with destination NYC, 700.000 of them have better grades than me. Of the 300.000 competitors left, 200.000 have great hobbies like Asian Calligraphy or Yachting. 100.000 are left, half of them have won some high school or college journalism award and had their stories published in local newspapers and aired on NPR.

So, there are 50.000 college graduates on my level who want to make it in New York remaining. And since the "better qualified" 950.000 grads got all the good internships and entry-level jobs, I might as well stay right here in Mannheim, Germany.

But I have drive, passion, an almost unhealthy level of ambition, and CHARISMA! At least that's how I motivate myself every morning when I wake up to chirping birds instead of heavy traffic, honking horns and rushing pedestrians.

What do I have, other than my afore mentioned resolution? A friend of mine is interning at the United Nation in New York. I can stay with her for the first few months. And even if I didn't have a sure-fire place to stay, all I'd need is somewhere to sleep. A bed would be nice, even just half a bed, or a couch even. I'd also need a shower, hot water is optional. And apart from all this, a coffee shop on my way to work. Sounds pretty reasonable to me!

This moderate luxury should cost me no more than $600 a month. THAT is probably absolutely unreasonable for NYC. Ok, maybe I am delusional. Or let's say unrealistic.

But what good is being realistic when you are trying to fulfill a dream.

So, I will keep hunting for that stepping-stone journalist job and a cheap place to sleep in my beloved New York City. I'll keep you posted.